Are you looking for a way to add some color to your living room?

Want to update your home with a simple and modern look?

From a few color touches here and there to more bold ideas, this article will help you to create the perfect interior design scheme for your home. Update your home with a fresh look this spring and summer with one or all of these 5 interior design trends.

5 Interior Design Trends

  1. Reclaimed Wood

    One of our favorite design trends this summer is reclaimed wood. In an article by Sherry Nothingam for Decoist, she recommends using reclaimed wood just about anywhere in your home.

    You can use reclaimed wood to make a statement with an accent wall in you living room, or keep it subtle with a coffee table.

    For inspiration, please see Nothingam’s article, Hot Interior Design Trends to Watch Out for in Summer 2015.
  2. The Color Blue

    In the article I published in back in January of this year, 8 Hot Interior Home Design Trends You Don't Want To Miss, I wrote about how the color blue would in for 2015. That remains true as we head into the summer months.

    HGTV recommends if you are a person who loves color, try a bold blue. The author describes this color as rich and royal. If you are someone looking to add a pop of color to a room, consider a navy blue in the inside of a bookcase or an accent wall.
  3. Area Rugs

    Area rugs are a great way to add that extra something to a room and will help to make any room more welcoming. In an article by The Real Deal, designer, Karl Lohnes, recommends using rugs with “softer designs”. These would be like “rounder images with cut and pile to add texture”. Avoid patterns like chevron and stripes.

    HGTVsuggests taking your area rug to a global scale by using a rug from Morocco, Turkey, or other Asian countries.
  4. Natural and Neutral

    When going for a more natural look in your room, Red’s online magazine recommends using textures like rough linen, natural woods, smooth marble, and chunk knits. Make sure to combine those textures with a “neutral palette of creams and browns ground by black.”
  5. Pastel Colors

    The trend of pastel colors is making its way into our homes. You don’t have to use candy pink to enjoy this summer trend. Red also recommends using gentle pastels and combining them with grey and white for a stylish look.

    Remember you don’t have to use candy pink to stay within the pastel color palette. Other options are shades of mint green, soft lilac, eggshell blue, and powder pink.

    Make sure to combine this color palette with retro shapes and textures for a simple and modern look.


Now you can update your home’s design scheme with a few or all of these design trends from adding a perfect area rug to a bold blue wall. Whatever trend you choose, you will have a perfect touch for this spring and summer.


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