Wondering if you should repaint those red kitchen walls before putting your house up for sale?

Not sure where to get started with staging your home?

More and more Americans are discovering that right now is the best time to move in Michigan. Housing prices have risen, low mortgage rates are motivating buyers, and now more than ever, first time home owners are entering the mix.

Make sure your home is the one chosen by potential home buyers by using these 5 key strategies to stage your home to sell fast.

  1. Staging Starts at the Front Door
    The curb appeal of your home is a potential buyer’s first impression. In an article by Laura Gaskill that was published by FOXnews, she offers a few great tips to help lure in potential buyers:
  • Power wash your home’s walkways and siding.
  • Make sure the house numbers are easy-to-read, clean, and replace any broken numbers.
  • Plant flowers and fresh greenery that are currently blooming. Please see the annual gardening guide for the Novi, Northville, and South Lyon area for gardening tips. 
  • Mow the lawn and reseed any areas that are bare.
  • Wash all your home’s windows, especially the windows in the front of your house.
  • If you have a porch, make sure to repaint it or stain it, if needed.
  1. Depersonalize Your Home
    One of the first things for you to pack is the pictures hanging around your home. Potential buyers often have a hard time visualizing themselves at home when there are picture of someone else’s children and grandchildren hanging on the walls.
  1. Update Your Fireplace
    Especially here in Michigan, we love our fireplaces. However, often times a fireplace can really date a home. Lisa LaPorta offers a few tips on how to turn your dated fireplace into a sell feature in her article for HGTV.
    • Get rid of the dated brass screen.
    • Give the fireplace a good cleaning with soap and water.
    • Use a stone color enhancer to polish the bricks so that they will shine like new.
  1. Rearrange the Furniture
    If you aren’t sure how to arrange your furniture for staging, Laura Gaskill has a great solution in an article for FOXnews. When arranging your furniture, think about how to “create an inviting conversation area.” Don’t be afraid to pull the furniture away from the walls.
  1. Neutral Color Palette
    While you and I may love that those red kitchen walls, potential buyers may not. When staging your home to sell, make it a top priority to use neutral colors.   

Take Away

When staging your home, one of the best things you can do is to clean and clear. Deep clean everything. Clean away clutter to show off your home’s square footage. From power washing your house’s walkways and siding to putting a fresh coat of neutral paint on the walls, these five key strategies will help you stage your house for success and help it to sell as quickly as possible.


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