Looking for some inspiration on decorating your bathroom?

Want a few changes to have a big impact?

It makes sense to turn one of the most used rooms in your house into a place you love to be. Whether you looking to relax in the tub at night or impress your guests with the perfect accessories in your guest bathroom, decorating your bathrooms does not have to be an overwhelming challenge.

Here are 5 ideas to inspire you. Most of these suggestions are easy additions and are cost effective. We have provided links to where we’ve seen these ideas used and a video full of helpful information.

These tips will help you turn your bathroom into the oasis it should be.

  1. Vintage Tubs

Back in January, we shared with you that vintage tubs would be all the rage in 2015 and they are. CountryLiving.com shares a picture of a beautiful updated 1920s claw-foot tub. This tub was found on Craigslist and makes the perfect focal point for this bathroom.

Safety tip: The City of Novi and the Novi Police Department want to keep you safe when making Craigslist transactions. According to this press release, the Novi Police Department has opened their parking lot and front lobby for Craigslist transactions.

  1. Vintage Accessories

If the tub is a little too much for you, consider using vintage accessories instead, or a combination of both. You can hang an eye catching mirror, like seen at ElleDecor.com, or maybe frame and hang a vintage ad, similar to the one shown at CountryLiving.com.

Adding vintage accessories to your bathroom is a great way to bring in that special touch to one of the most frequently used rooms in your house.

  1. Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important pieces to any room. You can get really creative or go classic. Whatever you do, do not leave the lighting fixtures behind.

For some really great tips on bathroom lighting, please see the video, Bathroom Lighting Tips by HGTV.

For more the importance of lighting throughout your home, please see our article, How Lighting Can Make All the Difference in Your Home.

  1. Keeping It Bright, Light, and Textured

Many realtors recommend updating your home’s interior paint colors to a light color to keep things neutral and bright in a home if you are selling it. One way you can enhance your light walls in your bathroom is to add a little texture or splash of color to the light color scheme.

Better Homes and Gardens shows a great example of adding texture to a bathroom with a light colored stone framed bathroom mirror.

Country Living Magazine also has a great example of using a framed mirror for texture and a picture for that splash of color in an otherwise all white bathroom.

  1. Hang a Sign

Have you considered adding a sign in your bathroom? We love this tip from Country Living Magazine. They recommend adding some “bold typography” to your bathroom in the form of a sign. You can use a vintage sign or a newer one. Adding a sign brings in that needed textured we talked about. It is cost effective, and if you ever want to move, you can take your sign with you.

Take Away

Any of these five ideas will add something special to your bathroom. From a vintage tub to bold typography, you can accessorize to make one of the most trafficked rooms in you home warm and inviting.

If you are planning on selling your home anytime soon, please make sure to check out our article, 5 Key Strategies to Stage Your Home to Sell

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