Are you looking to put your house up for sale, or maybe looking to buy a new home? Choosing a real estate agent is going to be one of the first decisions that you make and it is an important one. It can feel intimidating to choose an agent with all the different options and the hype. The relationship that you have with your agent needs to be a good fit.

When selling your home, the selling agent will typically make a commission on average of 5 -6% of the listing price that is generally split with the buying agent. That’s a nice chunk of change for them to walk away with, so you want to make sure you feel good about them. Follow these 5 simple steps and you will be able to walk away feeling great about the decision you made when choosing a real estate agent.

5 Simple Steps to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

Tip 1: Get Multiple Options

When it comes to choosing a real estate agent, the ball is in your court. Not all agents will be the best fit for you, so giving yourself multiple options will help you feel good about your choice. Think of it this way, if you were going to invest $20,000 into a financial planner, you would want to check out different options to see which one will fit you and your situation best. The same goes for selecting a real estate agent.

Tip 2: Interview Each Agent

When you are considering different agents, don’t be afraid to ask to meet them in person. If you are planning on selling your home, have them come to your house and give you their opinions. Share with the agent that you are interviewing a few agents and compare the feedback. Having an interview with an agent will help you feel good about your decision knowing you have the best person for your needs and situation.

Tip 3: Talk with Recent Clients

Ask the agent for a list of what they’ve listed and sold within the past year and for referrals. An example of information you would want to check about would be the original listing price, what the house was sold for, and how long that house was on the market.

Tip 4: Check Their License

Each state has different licensing requirements for real estate agents. Depending on the state that you live in, you can determine if an agent is licensed. You can also check to see if there has been any disciplinary actions or complaints.

Tip 5: Know Their Specialty

Real estate agents can take additional classes that give them added knowledge and expertise to a specific area. Knowing those letters at the end of their name will help you see if they specialize in an area that you need.  Here are a few examples:

  • CRS (Certified Residential Specialist): This indicates that they have taken additional classes related to deal with residential real estate.
  • ABR (Accredited Buyers’ Representative): Looking to have a good negotiator? This designation means that an agent has received additional education related to representing buyers in a transaction.
  • SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist): This represents an agent who has addition education relating to buyers and sellers over the age of 50.
  • REALTOR®: When you choose a REALTOR®, you are choosing a person who is a member of the NAR (National Association of Realtors). What that is telling you is that they have made a pledge to support a strict Code of Ethics.

Wrapping it Up

Whether you are buying a home or selling a home, you will be working closely with your real estate agent. You want to know you are making a great decision. Following these simple tips will help you to make an informed decision and one you can feel confident about.

If you would like to sell or buy a new house, please give our office a call. We would be thrilled to help.