7 pratical ways to depersoanlize a home for sale

Are you preparing your home to go on the market this spring? While selling your home can feel daunting, following a few helpful tips can help you along the way. One tip that is often thrown around when preparing a home for the market is to depersonalize. While, that makes a lot of sense, we thought we would take a closer look to give you some practical ways to make that happen.

Why Depersonalizing is Important

When you put your home on the market, you need to stop seeing your home as your own, and begin to prepare the space for a new owner. This can be a difficult and emotional struggle. You have many amazing memories and experiences in your home. Imagining some other family living in your space might be difficult to do. However, it is a vital step to do when preparing your home for sale. You want to help all potential buyers that walk through your home to be able to imagine themselves living there.

Here are 7 practical ways to depersonalize your home:

1. Prepare Yourself Emotionally for the Journey to Sell

Instead of trying to just force yourself to depersonalize your space, give yourself some time to emotionally prepare. This can be done in many different ways, but recognizing the need to grieve is one of the first steps.

2. Take Photos of Your Space Before You Change Anything

One way to help you honor the space that you have called home for many years, is to take pictures of how you have the home decorated before you begin to prepare it to sell. Some families have a height chart where they documented the growth of their family over the years. This would be a great piece to take a photo of, or even take down and store if possible.

3. Say Goodbye

This might not be needed for all people, but for those with young children or for those that have lived in a home for many years, it can add some therapeutic benefits. In a home that was recently for sale was a note written by the owners’ child. It read, “I hope you love my room as much as I do.” It was located inside a built-in closet that they had made into a secret playroom. The little girl had written this note and signed her name with the next child in mind. What a powerful way to appreciate the space, let go, and say goodbye.

4. Take Down Photos

After you have taken all the interior photos, you can begin to simplify your home. One way is to take down photos. While they look amazing on your walls and they are incredibly special to you, they can distract the buyer.

5. Get Rid of Knickknacks

Another way you can depersonalize your home is by simplifying your wall art, statues, knickknacks, etc. While those deer antlers mounted over your fireplace are of course, an amazing prize and should be shown off, storing it away until you move will continue to help your buyers see the potential of the home for themselves and avoid offending a potential buyer.

6. Remove All from Your Refrigerator Door’s Exterior

Remove most, if not all items from your refrigerator door’s exterior. This will help to make the space look clean, but help to depersonalize it, too.

7. Clear Your Counters

While having your big KitchenAid mixer is a practical choice to have left on your kitchen countertops, trying to open the space as much as possible is helpful for potential buyers. Try to find places to store most, if not all items from your countertops.

Wrapping Up

Depersonalizing your home is a great way to help prepare your home to be put on the market. Following these 7 practical ways to depersonalize will help you emotionally and physically prepare for the change that is ahead.