7 Tips on How to Sell a Condominium Fast

Are you looking to sell your condominium property? Condos are amazing properties and are very attractive to many buyers. They often have attractive benefits that owning a single family home does not offer like pools and fitness rooms. Living in a condominium is a great experience.

However, selling a condo tends to be a tad bit different from selling a single family home. Here are 7 tips that will help you in selling your condominium property fast.

  1. Find an Experienced Professional

The most important part of selling a condominium is finding a realtor that specializes in selling these types of properties. Having a partner on your side that knows the market will be an incredible asset to you. Your realtor will help you price your home accurately based on similar properties that sold in the area, give tips for staging, take professional pictures, and give invaluable insights into the overall market. This process will run smoother and quicker when you have a real estate agent representing your property that is experienced in condo real estate.

  1. Check the Fine Print

When it comes to selling your condominium, each association might be different. Check with your association to see if there are any limits or the need to get a pre-approval. Find out the rules and if they have any regulations on whom you can sell to. Having this information in advance can help you in your planning process.

  1. Highlight the Benefits

Owning a condo can come with a lot of great benefits. These are features that you want to highlight in your listing. For example, does your property have a pool, workout room, community clubhouse, office, etc.?

  1. Be Upfront

Condo associations often have association fees. It is a great idea to be upfront about these fees. Disclosing them with your listing will make sure you have realistic buyers.

  1. Market Your Condo in the Right Places

Your real estate agent will help make this happen, too. Your realtor will place your condo in the MLS (Multiple Listing Serve) and on their agency’s website. 

  1. Host an Open House

When your condo shows well, it will mostly likely sell quickly. When getting your space ready for showings and open houses, you can follow similar steps to preparing a home. Check out our article on tips for preparing a home to sell.

  1. Offer Extra Incentives

Offering extra incentives is especially helpful in a tough or struggling market. Incentive will help your property stand out as a more attractive option from others. Forbes.com advises to offer a closing cost credit as on option.

Another incentive option could be to help your buyers is by offering to pay association dues for them for a year. Association dues can often be an aspect that causes buyers to hesitate in buying a condo. Offering them this incentive is a helpful way to bridge the gap and give them a head start.  

Take Away

If you are looking to sell your condominium property in the Novi, South Lyon, and Northville area, contact us today. We have experience in selling condos and will help you experience a painless and fast selling process.