Are you planning on moving with little kids?

Are you wondering how to pack when your little ones are unpacking everything you’ve just packed?

You did it. You brought your dream home. Congratulations! Now it is time to pack and prepare for your big move.

Back in college, moving into dorm rooms was pretty easy. You and your parents probably made the move in a day. Now, however, you have little ones under foot and a lot more stuff. The thought of moving can be overwhelming.

The goal of this article is to provide you with some great tips when moving with young children from ideas on packing more efficiently, to helping make the move easier on them and you.

Take a deep breath, because everything will get packed up, and soon you will be in your new home.

Tips to Help Your Move With Small Kids

  1. Let Them Pack
    It can be helpful to let your children pack, especially their own belongings. While you may want to repack their boxes later, after they’ve gone to bed, the extra man power might to be helpful. Even if your little one does a less than perfect job packing, it will keep him or her busy for a time.
  1. Keep Them Busy
    If the joys of packing have worn off, here are some ideas on keeping them busy while you pack:
    • Let them watch a special movie.
    • Hire a babysitter to entertain them.
    • Buy a new set of paints and let them paint.
    • Provide modeling clay to keep those little hands busy.
  1. A Special Box
    If you child is old enough, ask them to fill up a special box. This box is for their favorite must haves from toys to books and clothes. Label the box clearly. Make sure that this is the last box to be loaded when moving day comes and the first box off the truck.
  1. De-clutter While They Are Sleeping
    This tip is inspired by’s article, Top 6 Tips on Moving with Small Children. Author, Christie Tate, writes that the time for de-cluttering is while the children are sleeping. If you are throwing out old art projects, do it while they are sleeping and remove it from the house before they wake up.
  1. Ask For Help
    We mention hiring a babysitter to keep the kids busy while you pack. That’s not the only way to ask for help when it comes to moving. From de-cluttering a closet or packing up the kitchen, having a friend or family member by your side will make all the difference during your move.
  1. Label Everything
    Whether you have little kids or not, make sure when packing that you clearly label everything. This will make unpacking so much easier.
  1. Recently Potty-Trained Child = Pull-Ups
    The Parenting Squad recommends pulling out the pull-ups for your newly potty trained child. Pull-ups can come in handy on a long drive or plane ride. More importantly, it will give you a little piece of mind.

Buying your dream home is exciting, and preparing for your move doesn’t need to be overwhelming when you have little ones. With these 7 tips, you will be able to complete your packing and move with less stress.

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