9 Moving Tips You Will Thank Yourself for Doing‚Äč

Moving can be a stressful experience. Whether you have a family or are moving alone, the time and energy it takes can feel exhausting. Any steps that you can do to help the process will go a long way. In fact, there are a lot of different ways to help the process so it doesn’t have to be so stressful.

Here are 9 of favorite tried and true tips for moving that you will thank yourself for doing.

  1. Purge

When it comes to moving, the less you have to pack up, the easier the unpacking will be. Donate, sell, recycle, or shred all items you don’t use, don’t need, or just don’t want. This might be the most important tip. While this may feel overwhelming to try to do before you move, you will definitely be thanking yourself later for making this first step a priority.

  1. Use Plastic Bins

Using moving boxes are by far the cheapest way pack up most of your items, but if you have some plastic bins lying around your home, or find some great sales at the store, you will be thankful you used them later on. Using clear plastic bins help to expose what craziness is happening inside the box. Use these bins for the items that you plan to unpack right away. Having the bins will help your items stand out from the other boxes. You might want to include items like paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, towels, etc.

  1. Pack an Overnight Bag Containing All the Essentials

No matter how organized you might be, it can still be difficult to find all the little things you need for your first night in your new house. The day of moving can be long and tiring, so having a bag of your essentials for the first night will be helpful. This can include your toiletries, shower liners and rods, sheets, a set of clothes, and plates for dinner.

  1. Breakables

There is no need to spend lots of money on bubble wrap. Use recycled paper, clothes, and towels as free options to wrap your breakables. Even clean socks are great options for your glasses.  

  1. Label Boxes

When you label your boxes, it is great to label what’s inside. To make the process go smoother, make sure to add the room you want that box to go into. Another option is to use a different colored duct tape on each box to communicate what room you desire for it to go to.

  1. Saran Wrap

Using Saran wrap is a great tip when moving your dresser. Instead of taking out all of your clothes out of your drawers, just wrap your clothes and move the whole drawer. Another way you can use Saran wrap is to take the top of your toiletries, wrap the bottle, and then seal the top back on. This helps to keep your items from breaking and leaking all over the place. In addition, you can use Saran wrap to protect your furniture from getting scratched.

  1. Use Baggies

When you move your furniture, you might have to break down a few pieces. One great option to keep from losing the screws and bolts is by placing them in a baggie, and label it with the piece so you will know exactly they belong to.

  1. Take Photos

Take a photo of your electronics before you disassemble them so that you can remember how they were connected.  

  1. Be Ready

Whether you are getting help from friends or if you are planning to getting movers, make sure you have finished packing once they arrive. This will help the process go faster.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to moving, it’s hard to fully prepare yourself. Doing these 9 simple, tried, and true tips will help you in the process. When you are all moved in and are trying to put your son’s crib together, you will be thanking yourself for having placed those screws in clear labeled baggie. Or, when you want to remember how you set up your computer system, you can check back to your photos for a fast set up. These steps will help your move go smoother and have you enjoying your new home faster.