It is many a young girl’s dream to hold and cherish their very own American Girl doll. The stories of each American Girl doll are mesmerizing and offer a glimpse into history. The wide assortment of doll options is sure to allow your child to find one that reflects or resonates with themselves. In addition, the variety of dolls helps to create experiences and entertainment for children of all ages.

Store Opens in Novi

Until this past weekend, the closest American Girl doll store to Michigan was in Columbus, Ohio or Chicago, Illinois. That is no longer the case. On August 6th, a new American Girl store opened in Novi, Michigan. This is the only American Girl store in all of Michigan. It will be open from August 6th through January 31st, 2017. That means it will be around for the holidays.

The high-end doll company is located right in Twelve Oaks Mall on the 2nd level by Nordstrom. The store will have a number of different features such as books, doll accessories, and even a “Doll Hair Salon,” as well as, the American Girl dolls.

What Makes These Dolls So Special?

What makes American Girl dolls so special is that behind each doll is their own specific story. These stories revolve around different time periods of American history.

For example, Maryellen Larkin is a girl growing up during the 1950s. Kit Kittredge is a girl that uses her talents to tackle the challenges brought on by the Great Depression. Addy Walker is a girl growing up in 1865 that learns to discover that hopes and dreams can live on in others. Samantha Parrington is girl that uses compassion to help others in need in 1904.

The American Girl doll company also has other lines of dolls including Girl of the Year, Bitty Baby, Bitty Twin, and TrulyMe. In the TrulyMe doll line, children have the opportunity to create a doll to look just themselves with freckles, hair color, and more. The additional accessories that can be bought are endless from clothes to furniture. Other unique doll accessories can be bought like glasses, braces, and even hearing aids.

American Doll with Detroit Background

Earlier this year, the company released a new doll with a background from Detroit. Her story reflects the Civil Rights movement with the changing face and history of the nation. According the company’s announcement, the doll is inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “to have a dream of her own: to lift her voice for fairness and equality.”

The doll’s name is Melody Ellison and is the most recent African American Girl doll. She is a 9-year-old singer and performer in her church in the 1960s. According to the company’s website, it is a time “of great energy, optimism, and change for the African American community.” When you buy the Melody Ellison doll, you will also receive her book as well.

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