First impressions are important. They set a tone, good or bad. The curb appeal of your home sets a tone. Whether or not you are trying to attract a buyer, these gardening tips will tell you what you need to know to set a fantastic tone for your home’s curb appeal.

You will find tips on when and what to plant, how to care for your yard during the winter, and so much more. Every month is tailored specifically for the Northville, Novi, and South Lyon area.

Your Annual Gardening Guide

January Gardening Tips

When you visit the article above, you will not only find gardening tips, but you will also find tips for winter lawn care, heavy snow, and protecting your landscape during winter months. You will even see information on how to recycle your Christmas tree.

February Gardening Tips

Gardening in February means thinking of spring. You will learn that you can start some flowers indoors in the month of February. Find out more by visiting the article above.

March Gardening Tips

As the temperatures get warmer there is a lot to get done in the garden. Your March check list should include items like dividing perennials, vegetable planting, and how to take care of your lawn.

April Gardening Tips

Find out when you should plant your favorite vegetables this spring and how The Old Farmer’s Almanac recommends caring for any dead spots in your grass.

May Gardening Tips

This article provides you with what you need to know to boost your home’s curb appeal. You will find ideas from planting flowers to add some color, adding mulch near your trees, and much more.

June Gardening Tips

Not sure how short to cut your grass or how much to water your plants? As the temperatures get warmer, don’t miss out on tips and tricks to keep your yard looking fantastic.

July Gardening Tips

In this July article, we dive deep into tips and tricks on keeping your lawn looking gorgeous even when you have watering restrictions in your area.

August Gardening Tips

August is the time to start thinking fall and for planning your fall garden. This article is full of tips like when to plant trees, shrubs, and perennials, and what flowers will add a special touch while also being low maintenance.

September Gardening Tips

In this article, you will find 11 tips on how to prepare your landscape for fall. These tips cover everything from planting spring bulbs to lawn care and much more.

October Gardening Tips

October in Michigan means a fall clean up, more planting, harvesting, and even more gardening tips. Don’t miss out on these important tips by visiting this article.

November Gardening Tips

Make sure your garden, lawn, and landscape are ready for the long winter months. Check out this article and add these 10 to-dos to your gardening check list.

December Gardening Tips

This article has helpful tips including:

  • Christmas Tree Tips - From selecting to care for your Christmas Tree
  • Snow and Ice Tips
  • Backyard Gardening Maintenance Tips


From protecting your lawn in the cold winter months to tips on watering your lawn in the summer’s heat, this annual guide has been prepared for the Northville, Novi and South Lyon area. Knowing what to do each month will help you on your way to creating an attractive landscape and garden that will make your home’s curb appeal sparkle.


If you love fresh fruits and vegetables, but do not want to grow them yourself, make sure to check out the any of the Farmer’s Markets in Northville, Novi, and South Lyon.