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3 Essential Steps to Take Before You Buy a House

by The Jamey Kramer Group

Dreaming of your next house or even your first home is an exciting thought. You might have pinned favorite features of certain homes on your Pinterest board, or cut out favorite kitchens from a magazine. Imagining all the great aspects of a home is helpful to do, but when the time comes to really start to take that dream to a reality, doing a few steps will make the process go a little bit more smoothly.

House hunting can be intimidating and exciting all wrapped up together. Taking these three steps can help with the intimidation piece and leave you feeling confident about the house hunting process. Here are three steps to take before you head out house hunting.

Step 1 – Get Your Finances Together  

When searching for a house, one of the big key questions you will ask yourself is, “How much house can I afford?” This will help you narrow your search as you look online and before you ever step into a prospective house.  Getting pre-approved for a mortgage means that you have talked with a mortgage broker, that you have given him or her your financial information, and he or she has given you an idea of what the price range that would be healthy for you to afford.

It is important to remember that everyone’s threshold of what they can afford might be different than what a broker states. In addition, make sure you are looking at the entire monthly mortgage payment and not just the list price of a house. Features of a home could impact the monthly cost of a home. For example, does the house have a pool? The home insurance might be higher. Is the home in a flood plain? There might be mandatory flood insurance required. Real estate taxes can vary greatly, so when you are looking at a house and before you walk in, know what the estimated monthly mortgage payment will be.

Step 2 – Make Different Lists

When you are looking for a house, it is a great idea to sit down and think through what it is that you want. Come up with a list of must-haves, wishes, could live without, can’t live without, etc. A staff writer at Zillow broke down questions into four different categories: financial, location, structure, and lifestyle. She came up with 20 questions that flow into one of these categories. Examples she lists include:

  • Could you live in a one-story, two-story, townhouse, or condo?
  • Do you need any special features for your pets?
  • Do you need wheelchair access or limited stairs?
  • Are the school systems important to you?
  • Are you willing to do extra renovations?

Step 3 – Find an Experienced Realtor

Having a realtor to help you in your house search can be the key to your success. This is especially true if you are a first time home owner. There are many details that first time home buyers might not be aware of and having an experienced advocate can make a huge difference as you search. In addition, a realtor can be extra helpful when you are new to the area. They can help guide you into what is best for you and your family. Having your list thought through will be helpful for them when they help you look for houses.

Our Invitation

If you are looking a buying a house in Northville, Novi, or South Lyon, Michigan, we here at the Jamey Kramer Group would like to help you in your process.  We have the experience and would be honored to help you find the perfect home for you and your family. We invite you to call today:


Memorial Day Events in Northville, Novi, and South Lyon for 2016

by The Jamey Kramer Group

Mark your calendars for this year’s Memorial Day events. Memorial Day is a great day for rest, barbecuing, and hanging with family, but what makes this day so special is the opportunity to stop and thank our veterans for all the sacrifices that they have made for our country.

Towns all over the country take time to celebrate those that we have lost, and those that have put themselves in harm’s way to protect us. While each person’s service might look different – some as a nurse, some on the battlefield, some building parts, some cooking for the soldiers - no matter what a veteran’s role was, we are unbelievably grateful for their willingness to serve protect our country.

Memorial Day in Northville, Michigan

Northville’s Memorial Day Parade

  • Northville – 10:00 am
  • Location: Downtown Northville

The Northville Memorial Day parade draws thousands of people each year in honor of our veterans. Please call the VFW at 248-348-1490 for more information.

Memorial Day in Novi, Michigan

Novi Memorial Day Run

Novi will be hosting their 5th annual Novi Memorial Day Run located at Fuerst Park at Taft Road, south of 10 Mile Road. You can choose to do a 10K, 5K Run/Walk, or a one-mile family run. The run is a special family event for children, adults, and veterans. There will be finisher medals for all 5K and 10K runners. Bring a donation of canned food and you will receive a $5.00 discount on registration for the race.

  • 8:00 am will be the 10K Run
  • 8:15 am will be the start of the 5K Run/Walk
  • 9:00 am - 1 Mile Family Fun/Walk

The St. James Food Pantry will be beneficiary of the food donations. They are requesting the following canned items:

  • Canned meat
  • Tuna and chicken
  • Canned fruit
  • Ravioli
  • Spaghetti
  • Beef stew
  • Manwich®
  • Cereal

To register online, please see the online registration form. To receive the $5.00 off while checking out online, use the promo code, NMDR 2016. If you register before 5/25/16, you will be guaranteed a t-shirt.

Parking will be at the Novi High School which is adjacent to Taft Road. There should be plenty of convenient spaces to park. A DJ and refreshments will be awaiting runners at the end of the line. There will also be B-Tag Timing. For more information, please see, Novi Memorial Day Run.

Memorial Day Parade in Novi, Michigan

Make sure to stick around because immediately following the race will be the Novi Memorial Day Parade. The parade route will be along Ten Mile beginning at Karim Blvd. There will be a Memorial Day service at the Novi Civic Center after the parade concludes. Check here for the Memorial Day Flyer.  For more information, please see the City of Novi’s website.

Memorial Day Parade in South Lyon, Michigan

South Lyon will be hosting their annual Memorial Day Parade located in Downtown South Lyon. The parade will start at 9:00 am at Bartlett Elementary, make its way east on 10 Mile Road, proceed through downtown to Reynold Sweet Parkway, and end with a ceremony in the South Lyon Cemetery.

Enjoy and Remember

No matter where you choose to spend your Memorial Day, we know that anyone of these events and ceremonies will touch your heart and remind you, as it does for us all, about the sacrifices made to give us the freedoms we have today. To read more about specific stories of those veterans that live in this community, please check out the City of Novi’s newsletter.

The Importance of a School District When Buying a House

by The Jamey Kramer Group

The Importance of a School District When Buying a House

How important is the school district when buying a home? The answer might be determined on your own current situation. Do you have children, are you single and just buying your first home, or are you an empty nester?

Whatever your situation might be, it is important to realize the school district where your new house is located might have a measurable impact.

While many factors influence buying a home like price, size, and amenities, the school quality and location are influential factors. According to the 2014 National Association of realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 29% of home buyers listed the school quality as a deciding factor, and 22% listed the proximity to the school as deciding factor when buying a home.

Here are 3 Tips to help you when deciding about school districts when buying a home.

  1. Research the School District

Whether you have children or not, you will want to research the school district you are moving into. Living in a community that has good schools means a few things for you as a home owner: good schools translate into good neighborhoods, home value stability, higher resale price, and a great educational experience.

Researching the school district or school can be done in a few ways. Many online sites will have the school’s ranking listed. In fact, you can even search by school district if you are hoping to buy in a specific district.

  1. Understand School Ratings

Each school is given a national rating on a scale of 1 -10 with 10 being the highest. While understanding exactly how each school is given this score is somewhat complex, it is determined by diversity, scores on standardized test, and graduation percentage to name a few. If you are interested in moving into an area that has a school district or school with a low number, it is important to ask around, talk with school officials, and get an understanding of what might be impacting that score.

It is also important to realize the score alone can be limiting and can fluctuate from year to year. For example, a family bought a house in a school district that had a perceived lower school district score. However, they knew the community well. They knew that the middle school had hired a new principal that was amazing. They felt confident that although the school was ranked low, it would raise in the future. With no need to move out of the district, they felt it was worth waiting it out. In the end, the school went from a score of 6 to a score of 8 with a few changes. This increase in score will not only boost the value of their home, it will influence the ability for the house to sell quickly, and the owners feel great about the community they live in.

  1. Use the Help of a Realtor

When you are buying a house, creating a “must have” list will help your realtor to make sure they are showing you the right homes to help your search. A good realtor should know the ins and outs to the community you are moving into. They can help give you more details about parts of the community that you might not be able to research on your own.

Make the Best Decision for You

Your own situation will determine how important the school system is for you. Knowing that having a good school system can greatly impact the neighborhood and community that you live in, will help you make a great choice. Researching the school district, understanding the school ratings, and getting an experienced and educated realtor to assist you in your home buying process will help you make best decision for you and your family.

If you are interested in moving to the Novi, Northville, and South Lyon, Michigan areas and are curious to know more about the school districts, we would love to talk with you. Please feel free to give us a call.


Easter Egg Hunts in Northville, Novi, and South Lyon, Michigan 2016

by The Jamey Kramer Group

One of my favorite childhood memories is looking out into a wide open field and seeing thousands of multi-colored Easter eggs scattered throughout the field. I will never forget the excitement as the whistle blew, and I ran out with all my might to try to grab as many eggs as I could.

There is something exciting and magical about an Easter egg hunt that all kids will enjoy. Whether you experienced an Easter egg hunt as a child or you never got a chance to go to one, taking your family will be a sweet memory you will treasure for years.

Thankfully, there is an egg hunt that is near you if you live in the Northville, Novi and South Lyon, Michigan area. So, make sure to mark your calendars because these super fun hunts are ones you will not want to miss. Activities including crafts, visits from the Easter Bunny, and fire trucks are all just a few things that you can expect along with the magical egg hunts.

Want to know the best part? You have come to the right place to find out all the information you need to know to make your plans. Below is the information for Easter events happening in Northville, Novi, and South Lyon, Michigan.

Northville, Michigan: Easter Egg Hunt: Egg-Stravaganza

  • Saturday, March 26, 2016
  • 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • Location: Maybury State Park, 20145 Beck Rd, Northville, MI 48167

Be sure to mark your calendar for the annual Egg-Stravaganaza that is hosted by the friends of Maybury State Park. Located on Beck Road in Northville, you will be sure to have a great time. For more information, please call the park at 248-349-8390.

Novi, Michigan Easter Egg Hunt: EggStravaganza

  • Sunday, March 20, 2016
  • 2:00 – 4:00 pm
  • Location: Furest Park, 45325 10 Mile Road, Novi, Mi 48375
  • Cost: $5.00 per child

At the Novi Eggstravagaza, you will find a multi age egg hunt, crafts, and a visit from the Easter Bunny himself. The cost is $5.00 per child for ages 2 and up. To register, please see Online Registration / Registration Information.

For the event flyer, please see: Eggstravagaza Flyer.

Novi, Michigan: Skate with the Easter Bunny

  • Sunday, March 20, 2016
  • 3:00 pm  – 4:50 pm
  • Location: Novi Ice Arena, 42400 Nick Lidstrom Drive, Novi, MI 48375
  • Cost $5 a person and $3 per skate rental

Want to spend more time with the Easter Bunny? You can skate with him at the Novi Ice Arena. Be ready to win some prizes and have a great time. For more information, please call 248-347-1010.

Novi Michigan: Paradise Park Easter Egg Hunt

  • Saturday, March 26, 2016
  • 10:15 am
  • Location: Paradise Park, 45799 Grand River, Novi, MI 48374
  • Cost for Easter Egg Hunt: $7.00 per person
  • Optional Buffet Lunch (11:00 am to 12:30 pm): $9.95 per person
  • Pre-registration is required – call 248-735-1050

This is one event you won’t want your children to miss. The Paradise Park festivities start at 10:15 am and your children will be able to collect some of the thousands of eggs that will be filled with candy, tokens, and surprises!

After the Easter egg hunt, a buffet lunch will be offered for the additional fee of $9.95 per person. The buffet will be served from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm and will include appetizers, pizza, breadsticks, salad, and unlimited beverages.

South Lyon, Michigan Annual Easter Egg Scramble

  • March 26, 2016
  • 11:00 am
  • Location: Volunteer Park, 21620 N. Dixboro,  South Lyon, MI 48178

Come and enjoy South Lyon’s annual Easter egg hunt sponsored by the South Lyon Kiwanis. At 11:00 am, the Easter bunny will arrive and ready to visit with children. Do your kids like big trucks? Then be ready for a visit for the South Lyon’s Fire and Police Departments that will be joining the fun with lots of equipment for the kids to check out and learn about.

The egg hunt will start at 12:00 pm. The hunt will be divided by age group. The first group to start will be the youngest and will go up from there. Be sure to bring your children’s favorite basket to collect their eggs in.

Take Away

Easter egg hunts and events in Northville, Novi, and South Lyon, Michigan are the perfect way to get outside, enjoy the family, enjoy activities, and have a blast watching your kids. This year is filled with events you won’t want to miss.

South Lyon, Michigan News & Events

by The Jamey Kramer Group

Are you thinking of moving to Michigan and want a family friendly, safe, and environmentally conscious place for your family to live? South Lyon, Michigan is a great place to start looking. This town is located in Oakland County just north of Ann Arbor and is a small, close-knit community with a population of just under 12,000 people. According to The United States Census Bureau, over 25% of the population is families with children under the age of 18. If you are looking for a place to live that has a large number of other families, this may be the perfect place for you.

Not only is South Lyon a family centered community, it is a safe place too. In 2012, South Lyon was named the third safest city to live in all of Michigan by Movoto, and it is considered number 7 of the safest places to live in all of Michigan according to Safewise. While the town is a family friendly and safe place to live, it is also an environmentally conscious community. They have just started a new recycling program called Simple Recycling.

Simple Recycling Clothing/Household Goods

The community of South Lyon is concerned about the environment and wants to make it as easy as possible for their residents to help keep items out of landfills. According to Simple Recycling, 14.3 million tons of clothing fills our landfills each year, and another 85% of all clothing ends up in landfills with only 15% getting recycled.

South Lyon wants to help fight this problem by using Simple Recycling. The residents of South Lyon can now recycle unwanted clothing, shoes, accessories, and other household items like kitchenware, tools, toys, and books. The best part is that this service is a free residential curbside pickup on the same day as the weekly trash and recycling service.

As a resident, if you want to jump on board and receive this amazing benefit, you can pick up green plastic bags and labels at the South Lyon City Hall located at 335 S. Warren, South Lyon, Mondays through Fridays from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. To start, pick up your first bag and you are set to go. Fill the bag and leave it at your curb. The driver of Simple Recycling will pick it up, and leave another bag in its place to use the next time.

You can keep your green bag/or tagged items separate from the regular recycling and trash containers. This helps the drivers to spot the difference from your other recycling items. Simple Recycling will collect the bags and recycle the items for reuse.  

To find out more about this program, please see Simple Recycling.

Take Away

South Lyon, Michigan is a great small community that has proven that it is a safe, family friendly place to live. It is also a community that is making huge steps to help their residents be environmentally savvy by making it as easy as possible to keep items out of the landfills.

If you are looking to move to South Lyon and want to know more about the available real estate in this town, please let us at the Jamey Kramer Group help in this exciting process. You can contact us at:


Reflections and Top 20 Blog Posts in 2015

by The Jamey Kramer Group

As we reflect on 2015, we feel thankful for all that we have experienced in the past year. The towns of Novi, Northville, and South Lyon are the ones we serve and are among the top places to live in all of Michigan. We love having the opportunity to highlight what makes these towns so amazing. From their historic backgrounds, unique dining experiences, impactful organizations, and creative and fun activities for the whole family, we love having the chance to share them with you here on our blog.

When we at Jamey Kramer Group consider what stands out in 2015, we know that without a doubt, it has been the gift of being able to walk alongside so many different families and individuals as they have either sold or bought a home. We consider it our privilege to have the opportunity to walk beside each individual in these vital decisions. It is one of our favorite things to be able to see new homeowners’ faces as they are handed the keys to their new home.

We also love being your reference for real estate questions and concerns. Going through the process of buying or selling a house can be a daunting, and we want you to know that you do not have to do it alone. That is why we share our expertise on our blog with different tips to help you in the buying or selling process.  

As a way of honoring 2015, we thought we would take a moment to share our most visited posts on our blog. Here are the top 20 according to Google Analytics:

20. Best Local Places to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner in Northville and Novi, Michigan

19. Novi, Michigan – The Origin of Its Mysterious Name

18. New Year’s Eve Events in Novi and Northville, Michigan

17. Halloween Events in Northville and South Lyon

16. Where to Go on Valentine’s Day in Novi, Michigan 

15. Upcoming Events in Northville, Michigan November 2015

14. Upcoming Northville, Michigan Events for October 2015

13. New Year’s Eve in Northville and Novi, Michigan

12. Everything You Need to Know About Halloween In Northville, Michigan

11. Is Novi, Michigan A Safe Place to Live?

10. Trick-or-Treating in Novi and Northville, Michigan

 9.  Restaurants Open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Northville and Novi, Michigan

8. Is Northville, Michigan a Good Place to Live?

7.  How Many Snow Days are Michigan Schools Allowed

6. Restaurants Open Christmas Eve and Day in Northville and Novi, Michigan

5. Easter Brunches in Northville and Novi, Michigan 2015

4. Where to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Novi and Northville, Michigan

3. Easter Egg Hunts In Novi and Northville, Michigan 2015

2. Thanksgiving in Northville and Novi, Michigan

1. Easter Brunches in Novi and Northville, Michigan


Take Away

While reading through this list of the top 20 blog posts, we are reminded again of what amazing places Northville, Novi, and South Lyon are to live in. We are grateful to serve such extraordinary communities.

We would like to take this opportunity to express a special thank you to all the people that we had the privilege of working with. We are looking forward to another amazing year and would like to wish you the best in 2016.


Halloween Events in Northville, Novi, and South Lyon

by The Jamey Kramer Group

With fall’s brilliant bright yellow, red, and orange leaves, it is hard to find a better spot to be than in Northville, Novi, and South Lyon, Michigan. When you take some time to walk the streets of these amazing towns, you will see what wonderful places they are to live in.  

The days leading to Halloween are the perfect time to experience these family-friendly cities.  All week long, there will be Halloween events that you won’t want to miss that include fun activities and events for the whole family. All you need to do is make sure you have your costume and get ready for a great time.

Halloween events in Northville, Novi, and South Lyon include:

Northville Halloween Happening

Skeletons Are Alive

  • Month of October

If you haven’t had the chance to walk the streets of Northville this month, you are in for a surprise. There are over 100 skeletons scattered throughout Downtown Northville. To make sure you don’t miss any, please see the Skeleton map.

South Lyon Halloween Event

Downtown Trick-or-Treating

  • October 28
  • 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Children are encouraged to dress up in their favorite costume and come to trick-or-treat in Downtown South Lyon on Wednesday, October 28th. The event will run from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. The streets will be shut down from the Pontiac Trail to the railroad tracks to Reynold Sweet Parkway. Look for the pumpkin sign in the business window for all participating businesses. For more information, please see South Lyon’s website.

Novi Halloween Events

Spook-Tacular Luncheon

  • October 30
  • 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
  • Meadowbrook Activity Center
  • 25075 Meadowbrook Rd, Novi, MI 48375

All seniors ages 55 and older are invited on Halloween to visit the Meadowbrook Activity Center in Novi. Starting at 12:00 pm, all will have the opportunity to put on their best costume, enjoy lunch, and listen to live entertainment by Michael Krieger. The cost for the event is $7.00 for residents and $8.50 for non-residents. For ticket availability and more information, please see Spook-Tacular Luncheon.

 Spooky Skate

  • October 31
  • 3:00 pm – 4:50 pm
  • The Novi Ice Arena
  • 42400 Nick Lidstrom Drive, Novi, MI 48375

The Novi Ice Arena will be hosting the special Halloween event, Spooky Skate, on Saturday, October 31, 2015 from 3:00 pm to 4:50 pm. This event is open to the public. Admission is $1.00 for costumed skaters and skate rental is available for $3.00.

For more information, please see: Spooky Skate.

October 31st – Traditional Trick–or-Treating Hours

There is nothing like Halloween without some traditional trick-or-treating. Here are the trick-or-treat hours for Northville, Novi, and South Lyon. Please be sure to confirm the trick-or-treating times with your city as they are subject to change.

  • Northville: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Note: that the streets in the Historic District will be closed from 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm.
  • Novi: Recommended trick-or-treating hours are 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.
  • South Lyon: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

Take Away

Whatever way you decide to celebrate this fall, we hope you have a great experience. While visiting Northville, Novi, and South Lyon, you will see they are places filled with amazing people. Each city offers unique opportunities, and each one is a perfect place to settle down and raise your family.

If you would like to take a close look at moving to Northville, Novi, or South Lyon, please give our office a call. We would be honored to help you find your next home.


It's The Great Pumpkinfest South Lyon

by The Jamey Kramer Group

A South Lyon Weekend Event You Won't Want To Miss

South Lyon Pumpkinfest Friday Thru Sunday

This weekend marks the 31st hosting of South Lyon's annual fall festival, The Pumpkinfest.  Started in the 1980s by Dean Parker, the Pumkinfest is a weekend of family fun for people of all ages.  Among the activities scheduled are a 5K Run, Parade, Arts & Crafts Show, Farmer's Market, Beer Tent with Live Entertainment, and a visit from Paws of the Detroit Tigers.  There will also be a Scarecrow Contest and the ever popular Ultimate Air Dogs Show.  Check the Pumpkinfest website for more information.

South Lyon High School

  • Football v Northville.....................................................Friday............................................7:00 pm
  • Girls CC @ MSU Invite................................................Friday.................................................TBD
  • Tennis @ Howell...........................................................Saturday........................................8:30 am
  • Golf @ Northville..........................................................Saturday.......................................8:30 am

South Lyon East High School

  • Football v Livonia Stevenson.......................................Friday.............................................7:00 pm
  • Girls CC @ MSU Invite...............................................Friday..................................................TBD
  • JV Soccer @ Farmington............................................. Friday.............................................5:30 pm
  • V Soccer @ Farmington............................................... Friday.............................................7:00 pm
  • Volleyball @ Bay City Western Invite............. ............Saturday..........................................9:00 am

Why Visit or Buy Real Estate in South Lyon?

As recently as April of this year the Detroit Free Press in an article about the housing market stated, "With its quality schools, close proximity to I-96 and U.S.-23, and relative affordability, South Lyon has emerged as perhaps the hottest area in southeast Michigan for new home construction."

If you are thinking about buying or selling  South Lyon real estate or Lyon Township real estate or property, give us a call at (248) 348-7200 or send us an email to explore your options and to find out when is the best time for you to make a move. 


South Lyon, MI Summer Events 2015

by The Jamey Kramer Group

Looking for some fun family friendly events?

Not sure what to do on a Friday night?

The City of South Lyon is offering some great events this summer that the entire family will enjoy. From movies in the park on Friday evenings to the Labor Day Bridge Walk, there is something for all ages. Be sure to take out your calendar so that don’t miss a thing.

Movies in the Park

  • Saturday, July 18th - Paddington
  • Movie Begins at Dusk (between 9pm and 9:30pm)
  • McHattie Park
  • 400 Dorothy Street, South Lyon, MI
  • Saturday, August 15th - Big Hero 6
  • Movie Begins at Dusk (between 9pm and 9:30pm)
  • McHattie Park
  • 300 Dorothy Street, South Lyon, MI

This summer, bring your blankets, lawn chairs, and your family to McHattie Park in South Lyon, Michigan to enjoy a movie in the park. The City of South Lyon coats a 24’ inflatable screen for your viewing pleasure. All the movies are either rated G or PG.

If there is inclement weather, check the city’s website and/or the city’s sign.

Concerts in the Park

  • Every Friday Through August 28th
  • 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
  • MaHattie Park Gazebo
  • 400 Dorothy Street, South Lyon, MI

All summer long, you will be able to enjoy concerts in the park on Friday evenings at MaHattie Park Gazebo in South Lyon. Here is the schedule for the summer’s upcoming events according to the City of South Lyon:

  • July 10th - The Whiskey Charmers, a country/Americana band from Detroit
  • July 17th - Rich Eddies Oldies, favorites from the 50’s and 60’s.
  • July 24th - Saline Fiddlers, famous fiddle group.
  • July 31st - Royal Garden Trio, gypsy jazz trop.
  • August 14th - Pete Fetters, blues
  • August 21st - Stella, a female American Roots band
  • August 28th - The Invasion, a British rock n’ roll band.

If there is inclement weather, please check the city’s website for more information.

Heritage Day

  • Saturday, July 18th
  • 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • The Witch’s Hat Depot
  • 300 Dorothy Street, South Lyon, MI

Saturday, July 18th is the First Annual Heritage Day at the Depot in South Lyon. This will be a day for the whole family. There will be trunk sales, freight house sales, a BBQ Dinner served by Operation Injured Soldiers, dance studio presentations, a softball challenge, an art show, senior center events, and more.

According to the City of South Lyon website, if you are interested in participating in the trunk show or would like to have a booth, email the South Lyon Historical Society at or call (248) 437-9929 and leave a message.

Labor Day Bridge Walk

  • September 7th
  • Starts at 8:30 am
  • McHattie Park 
  • 400 Dorothy Street, South Lyon, MI

Mark your calendars for the Labor Day Bridge Walk. This bridge walk is held in conjunction with the 58th Mackinac Bridge Labor Day Walk and Labor Day Community Walks all throughout the state.

Enjoy this classic Michigan event with the whole family. To register, please go to: South Lyon Recreation Authority.

Take Away

There are a number of exciting events planned for the summer of 2015 in South Lyon, Michigan. Whether you choose to attend one or all, you can enjoy the wonderful community of South Lyon.

If you have been interested in looking for a house in South Lyon, please give our office a call. We would be honored to help you find your dream home.


Northville and South Lyon, Michigan Weekend Events

by The Jamey Kramer Group

The weather forecast is reporting that this coming weekend is going to be beautiful in Northville and South Lyon, Michigan. Spring weather is finally here with temperatures forecast to be in the mid-70s with mostly to partly cloudy skies. This is the type of weather we have all been waiting for. Make sure you take full advantage of this weekend by checking out the following events.

Weekend Events for Northville and South Lyon

South Lyon’s Ladies Night Out

  • April 30, 2015
  • 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Downtown South Lyon

While according to we won’t be enjoying the sunny weather until Friday, the weekend begins tonight with Ladies Night Out in Downtown South Lyon. South Lyon has a charming downtown and tonight is a perfect time to get out for a night of sales and specials.

According to the Hometownlife, when you visit each of the participating businesses, you will be able to enter for a chance to win a gift basket valued at $250.

Here is a list of the participating business:

  • Co. Reutter Salon & Menagerie - 116 N. Lafayette, Suite A
  • The Corner Cafe - 101 S. Lafayette
  • Divine Power Yoga - 105 N. Lafayette, Suite 100
  • Flooring Your Way & More - 116 N. Lafayette, Suite B
  • Glazy Days - 101 S. Lafayette
  • Grande Trunke Home - 105 N. Lafayette
  • Lake Street Tavern - 127 E. Lake
  • Lyon Book Den - 116 E. Lake
  • Modelle 227 - 110 S. Wells
  • Polish Pottery & Beyond - 131 N. Lafayette
  • The South Lyon Hotel - 201 N. Lafayette
  • Scrooge & Barley - 336 S. Lafayette
  • South Lyon Resale Shoppe - 120 E. Lake
  • Tracey Hill Photography - 125 W. Lake

For more information, please call Marilyn Smith at 248-437-9642 or Cheryl Wickham at 248-437-5055.

First Friday Experience

  • May 1, 2015
  • 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Downtown Northville’s Art Galleries, Shops, and Restaurants

One great way to experience the city of Northville, Michigan is to participate in their monthly First Friday Experience. On the first Friday of every month, shops stay open late and serve refreshments, the galleries showcase special exhibits, and special deals are offered to the First Friday shoppers.

According to the City of Northville’s website, the following are some of the participating galleries,

Dancing Eye Gallery

  • 101 N. Center
  • (248) 449-7086
  • Website

Northville Art House

  • 215 W. Cady
  • (248) 344-0497
  • Website

Northville Gallery

  • 123 E. Main
  • (248) 465-9630

Starring "The Gallery"

  • 118 W. Main
  • (248) 347-1642
  • Website

Tiffany Art Glass

  • 121 E. Main (2nd floor)
  • (248) 349-2777
  • Website

The Urban Pearl

  • 120 East Main
  • 248-773-7390
  • Website

Derby Daze

  • May 2, 2015
  • 12:00 pm- 7:00 pm
  • Northville Downs
  • 301 S. Center Street, Northville
  • Free Event
  • Ages: 18 and up only

Dr. Don from 99.5 WYCD will be hosting this Saturday’s Derby Daze. According to the City of Northville’s website, the Derby Daze is the best Kentucky Derby party on the infield at the Northville Downs.

Wear your favorite hat, drink a Mint Julep, listen to live music, and don’t forget to place your bets on your favorite horse.


Whatever you chose to do this weekend, we hope you enjoy the beautiful weather coming your way.

Are you looking for something to do in the Novi area this weekend? Please check out Weekend Events in Novi, Michigan April-May 2015.



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