Looking for a way to protect perennials from harsh winter weather?

Wondering how to pick the perfect Christmas tree?

There are still a few last minutes of things to do in your garden this month. Here are a few tips to help you complete these items and check them off your to-do list before the ground freezes and the weather gets too cold to work outside.

December Gardening Tips for Northville and Novi, Michigan

Backyard Garden Maintenance Tips for December

  • During the winter rains and snow, make sure to cover up your compost pile. This will help keep in the oxygen and help keep your pile from becoming foul-smelling. 
  • While there isn’t any snow on the ground, do one more sweep under your fruit and nut trees. Pick up any of the fruits and nuts that have fallen to the ground and that are still in the trees. Better Homes and Gardens reports that this will help prevent disease and pests for next year.
  • You can still plant spring flowering bulbs as long as the ground is not frozen.
  •  The Old Farmer’s Almanac provides two great tips if you are looking to keep your perennials safe this winter:  
    1. Build a box without a top out of wood. Once the ground has frozen place the box over the plant and fill it with leaves.
    2. Layer the soil around your perennials with winter mulch, like chopped leaves.

Snow and Ice Care

  • Instead of using salt on icy sidewalks and driveways, Organic Gardening suggests using sand or kitty litter. This will help keep your plants and grass from getting damaged.
  •  After heavy snows, make sure to shake off the branches of your evergreens. This will help keep them from breaking.
  •  Pick a warmer day and head outside to prune the dead or weak branches of your trees.
  •  When mulching around your trees and shrubs, make sure to keep the mulch away from the bark.

Christmas Tree Tips

  •  When selecting the perfect Christmas tree, choose one that does not have needles drooping. Some drooping needles are all right, but more than a dozen may indicate that the tree is too dry.
  •  Try bending one of the needles to make sure it does bend. If it does not bend that means it dried out and you should pick another tree.
  •  When you get the tree home, cut about 1-2 inches off the trunk and place the tree in cool water for about 24 hours.
  •  Set up your Christmas tree in a cool spot in your home. Make sure to water it on a regular basis to ensure that it does not dry out.

This weekend in Northville, Michigan, Santa will be coming to visit and on Friday night, the galleries and shops are staying open late to give you great deals. To read more about this exciting event, please see, Northville, Michigan Weekend Events - Kickoff to the Holidays