Michigan snow days

Have you ever been part of a school district that had to extend the year because of all the snow days?

We know kids love snow days, but what happens at the end of the year?

Children in the Novi Community School District in Novi, Michigan and across most of the state are finally back in the classroom after 3 consecutive snow days. Heavy snowfall and subzero temperatures had schools closing and children smiling. It’s ever kid’s dream to have a snow day and three in a row are more than any child could ask for.

With so many snow days, many parents are wondering what will happen at the end of the year. Will the school year have to be extended? How many snow days are allowed in Michigan?

The Novi Community School District has it covered. If you are a parent in this school district, you can breathe a sigh of relief and if you are not, you may want to consider moving.

State Requirements for Canceled School Days

The state of Michigan requires that each school district provide 1,098 of instructional hours within the 170 day school year. School districts are allowed up to 6 canceled school days due to weather, power outages, or anything that is unusual.

The Novi Community School District knows what Michigan’s winter weather can be like, so they schedule 1,110 hours of instruction. According to the Novi Patch, Superintendent Steve M. Matthews said in an email to Patch."

So we have a little more flexibility and could go over the 5 snow days and still meet the state requirement."

Public Act 29 of 2013

Michigan’s government anticipated the potential for inclement weather in the state. In May of 2013, Governor Rick Snyder signed a new law that could allow for longer school days to make up for canceled days instead of having to add more school days at the end of the year. This allows for schools to have 6 snow days or canceled days, and if the school needs to go over that limit, they can extend the school day instead of going into the summer months.

Novi is known for having great schools. Zillow.com has many of the individual schools in Novi ranked at either a 9 or 10 out of 10. In addition, Novi has also been ranked as One of Michigan’s Best Cities for Young Families and the 2nd Best City in Michigan.

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