Wondering how to make sure you find the freshest tree at the farm?

Not sure about the perfect cutting technique?

There really is nothing like a fresh Christmas tree during the holiday season. The aroma of a freshly cut tree spreads throughout your home inviting the holidays in. Make sure that you pick the perfect Christmas tree and keep it beautiful all season long with the following tips.

11 Christmas Tree Tips

  • Reader’s Digest suggests that before you head to the tree farm, make sure to measure the height of the ceiling in the room where you plan to put the tree. You will want your tree to be about a foot shorter than the ceiling.
  • Do not forget to measure the circumference of your tree stand to make sure that the trunk of the tree will fit in it.
  • Keeping in mind your home’s climate, pick the type of tree that you like the best.
  • If you are purchasing a pre-cut tree, CountyLiving.com recommends making sure that the farm from which you purchase your tree doesn’t store their trees lying down.
  • Test the freshness of the tree by bending a needle in half with your fingers. If you are looking at a fir, the needle should snap. If you are looking at a fresh pine, the needles should bend, but not break.
  • When chopping your tree down, make sure to use a straight cut to be sure it fits right in your tree stand. Country Living suggests making the cut as horizontal as possible. While you lean down to make the cut, put your side and shoulder on the ground and saw back and forth.
  • While most tree farms will have saws available and are willing to trim and package up your tree for you, MetroParent.com recommends bringing some bungee cords to help secure it.
  • Make sure to bring your check book or cash because some farms do not accept credit or debit cards. The farm may not even have electricity, so if you are unsure about anything, be sure to call ahead.
  • After you get your tree home and you notice it looking a little droopy, a great tip is to make a fresh cut into the trunk of the tree. The new cut will help absorb water and add freshness to the tree.
  • When transporting your tree home, wrap the tree in a tarp and place it inside your car if possible. This way, the tree will be protected from the wind. If you have to transport the tree outside the car, make sure it’s wrapped in a tarp and tightly bound to your car.
  • Pick a spot in your home where the tree will be cool. Placing the tree by the fireplace or a heating vent will cause the tree to dry out faster.

Christmas Tree Farms Near Novi and Northville, MI

The following are four Christmas tree farms near Novi and Northville, Michigan:

  1. Braun's Tree Farm
    796 Warren Road
    Ann Arbor, MI
    (734) 663-2717
  1. Broadview Christmas Tree
    4380 North Hickory Ridge Road
    Highland, MI
    (248) 887-8733
  1. Huron Christmas Tree Farm
    32120 King Road
    New Boston, MI
    989) 876-7690
  1. Middle Road Tree Farm
    4235 Middle Road
    Highland, MI
    (248) 887-1494


These eleven tips will help to choose and care for your Christmas tree. From making sure you measure your tree’s trunk and your ceiling, to tips on transporting your tree home, you will ensure you will be able to enjoy your holiday season with the perfect Christmas tree.

From all of us as the Jamey Kramer Group, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season!