Is Novi, Michigan a Safe Place to Live?

Have you been thinking of moving to Novi, Michigan?

Are you looking for a safe place to move your family to?

Novi, Michigan has made a name for itself by providing a great shopping experience with the Twelve Oaks Mall. That is not all this city has to offer. Recently, Novi was voted the second best city in Michigan, and a big part of this was because of Novi’s low crime rates that are reportedly 35% lower than the state average. 

Big City Experience, Small Town Feel

More and more people are moving to Novi because of all the great amenities the city offers. Novi is a city that offers a big city experience while still providing its residents with a small town feel. This is because Novi does a great job in keeping crime low, especially violent crime.

The 2012 Award for Excellence in Traffic Safety

In February 2013, the Novi Police Department received the prestigious 2012 Award for Excellence in Traffic. This award was given by the MACP (Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police) and the OHSP (Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning). According to the NoviPatch, in order to receive this award, winners “must demonstrate a clear and convincing commitment to traffic safety within their communities.”

Programs were judged on four factors according to the City of Novi’s press release:

  • Scope and duration of the project
  • Complexity of difficulty of the project
  • Degree of innovation involved
  • Results achieved 

It was the Novi Police Department’s “Choose Your Ride” program that won the police department a $7,000 grant to increase traffic safety equipment in the city. The NoviPatch had this to report about the program,

        “This is an innovative, multi-faceted approach to decreasing the number of impaired drivers in Novi. In 2012, the Novi Police Department arrested 342 people for impaired driving offenses, (a decrease of 17 percent from 2011) and experienced 37 alcohol and or controlled substances related traffic crashes, (a decrease of 27 percent from 2011) with none of the accidents being fatal.

Impressive FBI Stats

The Novi Police Department has not stopped making the city of Novi a safer place to live. The Federal Bureau of Investigation published the 2012 Crime in the United States report. This report contains a breakdown of crime by city in the section, Michigan – Offenses Known to Law Enforcement by City, 2012.

Even Less Violent Crimes in Novi, Michigan

Novi, Michigan already had some impressive numbers when it comes to violent crimes rates, but according to the FBI report, violent crimes in 2012 were 14% lower than in 2011.

At the Jamey Kramer Group, we are proud to be a part of the thriving community of Novi. If you are looking for a safe place to live that offers a big city experience with a small town feel, there is no need to look further. Novi, Michigan is the place to be. We would be honored to help you find a home in Novi. Please call our office at: