Which plants can you start from seeding indoors?

Temperatures are dipping low this week as January in Michigan is in full swing. With more winter months ahead, our Northeast landscapes face an ongoing battle to survive the snow, ice, cold winds and harsh temperatures.

To give your landscape the best chance of surviving, use with the following gardening tips for Northville and Novi, Michigan.

Northville and Novi, Michigan January Gardening Tips

  • Winter Lawn Tip: Do your best to avoid traffic over the same areas on your lawn. Too much traffic can damage your lawn causing bald spots when spring arrives.
  • Pruning Tip: According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, this month is the time to prune your fruit trees. They recommend trimming any snow damaged hedges.
  • Heavy Snow Tip: While some snow on your trees can help protect from the harsh wind, too much snow can pose a threat to trees.  As gently as possible, remove the snow from the tree’s limbs to help avoid the limbs from breaking.
  • Recycle Your Christmas Tree: If you live in Northville, Michigan, you may be able to simply leave the tree on the curb. If you live in Novi or anywhere else in Oakland County, there are many different drop off stations you can take your Christmas Tree too. Please see our article, Novi & Northville’s Christmas Tree Recycling Program, for all the information you need.
  • Order Your Roses:Organic Gardening recommends ordering any roses you are planning to plant this year now. There are suppliers that will accept your rose order early, but ship at the appropriate time according to the USDA Hardiness Zone you live in.
  • Protect Your Outdoor Plants: One great way to protect your outdoor plants against road salt or other de-icing chemicals is by wrapping burlap around them. Organic Gardening says to make sure the burlap is about 12 - 18 inches away from the plants.
  • Instead of Using Salt: Instead of using salt use cat litter or sand to add traction and prevent falls on your ice covered driveway and sidewalk. This is not only an eco-friendly solution, but it is also a safe alternative for pets that may ingest the salt. Pets can also get salt nuggets embedded in their paws. Using cat litter or sand will also help to keep your plants and grass from getting damaged from the salt.
  • Dump Snow on Perennials: Better Homes and Gardens recommends dumping snow on your perennials just as long as it doesn’t have any salt in it. According to BHG, the snow will act like “white mulch” and will actually protect your plants from the harsh temperatures.
  • Seeding Indoors: If your green thumb is itching, you can start seeding slow growing plants indoors. Slow growing plants include sage, thyme, and tarragon.
  • Cleaning and Organizing: This is a great month to clean, oil, organize, and sharpen your garden tools.


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