July Gardening Tips to Maximize Your Home’s Curb Appeal

My city has a watering restriction, how can I keep my lawn looking green?

What are the benefits to adding mulch to my flower beds?

During the summertime, there isn’t a place I would rather be than in Michigan. The sky is blue, the sun is warm and the lakes are cool. Michigan has a lot to offer in the summertime, and many people will attest that it is one of the best places on earth this time of year.

With all of this warm weather, you may be worried about keeping your grass green, your flowers blooming and your trees growing. While we wouldn’t want you to worry, keeping up on the curb appeal of your home has never been more important.

Maintaining your home’s curb appeal is essential and it means taking care of your landscape. To help assist with that, we would like to share gardening tips and tricks for the month of July. We’ve only picked the best tips to help maximize your home’s curb appeal.

July Gardening Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Homes Curb Appeal

  • When to Garden: Do your gardening in the mornings when it is still cool outside.
  • When to Water: The best time to water whether it’s your lawn, your flowers or your trees is in the morning at dawn. According to Midwest Living, watering in the morning allows the foliage to dry during the daylight and prevents diseases. It also maximizes the use of your water.
  • How Much to Water: When you do water, make sure to completely soak the soil whether you are watering the grass, trees or flower beds. By doing this you’ll find that you won’t have to water as often, which is an added benefit.
  • Add Mulch: Adding mulch is a great way to add a polished look to your yard but that’s not all it does. Mulch helps the soil to retain moisture and prevents weeds.
  • Deadhead: To keep your flowers blooming all summer long, make sure to deadhead them. Deadheading is when you remove the dead blooms.
  • Add Some Color: Does your yard need a little color? You can still plant perennials and annuals to add a little color to your curb appeal.

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If you are looking to sell your home, maintaining your home’s curb appeal in the summer months is imperative.  If you have any questions, please give our office a call. We can help you figure the best way to maximum your home’s curb appeal and help you sell your home.