Have you heard about the city of Northville’s work in conserving water?

Would you like to be able to conserve water and keep your grass green?

The city of Northville, Michigan is working hard to stay green and conserve water this summer. Last year, the city implemented watering restrictions to help reduce the amount of water used during peak hours.

The residents of Northville proudly took up the call to help conserve water and Northville is now boasting $130,000 in savings.

This summer, Northville and the residents are again working to conserve water by adhering to the same restrictions they did last year.

Northville, Michigan’s Summer Watering Restrictions

  • Those residents with an underground sprinkler system are asked to only water their grass between the hours of 12 am – 5 am.
  • Residents are required to water only in the morning on odd or even numbered days depending on their address. So, for those residents that have an odd numbered address, they are asked to water on odd numbered days. For those residents that have even numbered address, they are asked to water on even numbered days.
  • Those residents that are without an underground sprinkler system are asked to water with a watering hose between the hours of 11 am – 12 pm.
  • Again, the residents’ home address will determine when their day to water is. Even number houses on even numbered days and odd numbered houses on odd numbered days.

Civil Infractions for Ignoring Restrictions

As implemented last year, any resident who ignores the watering restrictions will be committing a Civil Infraction and will be issued a $50 ticket. Repeat offenders will receive tickets in the amount of $100. For more information, please see City of Northville Water Restriction Notice.

How to Keep Your Lawn Green With Watering Restrictions

How do you keep your lawn green when dealing with watering restrictions? The following tips will help:

  1. When mowing your lawn only trim it. Generally, it is recommended to take about only a 1/3 off the top.
  2. Water your lawn as close to 5 am as you can without going later. Watering at dawn is the best time to water. This will give your grass the opportunity to drink in all that good water before the sun is too hot causing evaporation.
  3. When you do water your lawn, saturate or soak it completely. By doing this, your grass won’t need to be watered as often.
  4. When you mow, make sure to leave the grass clippings as they fall. Those grass clippings will act as a fertilizer and even shade the grass from the sun.
  5. If you are fertilizing your lawn more than twice a year, make sure to plan the third in the middle of the summer.


By following the watering restrictions in Northville, Michigan and the 6 tips above, you will be helping your lawn to not only flourish, but you will be helping the environment by conserving water, too. An additional bonus is that if you are looking to sell your home, potential buyers will love your home’s green grass.