Have you wanted to remodel a space in your home?

Where can you remodel that will add most to your home’s value?

This weekend in Novi, you will find anything and everything you need to remodel any and every part of your home under one roof. Whether you have questions about what paint color scheme to go with in the bathroom or you are looking to purchase a new furnace and need some help finding the right one, the Novi Home Remodeling Show will have the answers you are looking for.

When and Where

  • Friday: 2 pm to 9 pm
  • Saturday: 11 am to 9 pm
  • Sunday: 11 am to 5 pm

Suburban Collection Showplace

  • 46100 Grand River Avenue, Novi, MI 48374.
  • On Grand River, south of I-96 between Novi Road and Beck Road.
  • Adult (13 and older) admission is $9.
  • Senior (55 and older) admission $8.

A Few Highlights

  • Special appearances by Glenn Haege - America’s Master Handyman.
  • Giveaways including a one year subscription to Better Homes and Gardens with ticket purchase.
  • Free-estimate raffles
  • Discounts
  • Coupons
  • Drawings

General Information

If you have ever been to the Suburban Collection Showplace you will know how big this event is. Before you go, make sure to view Novi Home Remodeling Show to find a list of vendors and where they will be located.

Where to Remodel?

Are you wondering what will get you the most for your money when it comes to a remodel? We have the answer for you.

The Cost vs. Value report was released for 2013-2014. This report shows the cost of remodeling or renovating vs. the resale value and displays how much of the cost you will actually recoup.

Two interesting remodels to note is that for the second year in a row, entry door replacement ranked as the highest cost recouped. The project that gained the highest recouped costs according to RealtorMag.com was a backup power generator.

Here are the 10 highest recouped costs for mid-range projects,

  1. Steel Entry Door Replacement - 96.6% Cost Recouped
  2. Wood Deck Addition - 87.4% Cost Recouped
  3. Attic Bedroom - 84.3% Cost Recouped
  4. Garage Door Replacement - 83.7% Cost Recouped
  5. Minor Kitchen Remodel - 82.7% Cost Recouped
  6. Wood Window Replacement - 79.3% Cost Recouped
  7. Vinyl Window Replacement - 78.7% Cost Recouped
  8. Vinyl Siding Replacement - 78.2 Cost Recouped
  9. Basement Remodel - 77.6% Cost Recouped
  10. Composite Deck Addition - 74.3% Cost Recouped


Now that you know what remodeling projects bring the highest return on your investment, plan to head over to the Novi Home Remodeling Show. You will note that the highest cost recouped projects are mostly on the outside of the home. This makes a lot of sense when you think in terms of your home’s curb appeal.

If you are looking to remodel your home to put on the market to sell, make sure you talk with an experienced team of real estate agents. Please call our office at 248-348-7200.