Property Values Rise in Metro Detroit Has your home’s value risen?

Are you ready to move out of your current home and into your dream home?

There is more good news for Metro Detroit residents. Property values are on the rise! This means that if you are living in the Detroit metropolitan area, your home is now worth more than it was a year, 2 years, maybe even 5 years ago. The last time we have seen home prices like this was in the mid-1990s.

Home values are up 52% since the end of 2009 according to an article published by the Detroit News. Would you like to hear even more good news? Kurt Rankin, a bank economist from PNC, is forecasting more growth. He stated, “While it’s slowing, growth will remain in positive territory.”

Metro Detroit Cites Seeing Growth

Here are a few specific examples of Metro Detroit cities that are seeing a growth in property values in the last year:

  • Northville and Northville Township: In the city, there has been a 12% rise and in the township, an 8.7% rise in property values.
  • Novi and Novi Township: The city saw an 8.62% rise and the township saw an 8.84% rise in property values.

Shortage of Available Properties for Sale

With the value of homes rising, another interesting thing has happened. We are noticing a shortage in available properties for sale. It is a simple case of supply and demand. In this case, the supply of available houses on the market for sale is low, and it is driving home values up.

While many Michiganders are still unsure about the latest news reporting that home values are up, those who are putting their homes on the market are seeing a quick turnaround.

Why the Comeback?

In our article, 4 Reasons Why 2013 Had the Highest Home Sales Since 2006, we shared that all across America people are selling and purchasing homes. We talked about the 5 million previously owned homes that were sold last year alone.

One of the biggest reasons why homes are selling is that home prices have increased and homeowners that want to sell are no longer underwater in their mortgages. Other reasons include lower mortgage rates, less foreclosures and more employers hiring.

Is Your Once Perfect Home No Longer Suitable?

One of the most frustrating parts of the housing crisis is when people started to feel stuck in a house that no longer fit their family’s needs. They may have bought that house thinking it would be perfect, but then life happened and their once perfect home was no longer suitable.

If you live in the Metro Detroit area and have been dreaming about selling your current home and purchasing your dream home, please give our office a call. We would love to help you sell your home and find that perfect home that you have been dreaming of.