Santa at Maybury Farm in Northville, MI

Are you looking for a way to visit Santa Claus this holiday season - to get those dear pictures of your kids giving their Christmas wishes while they’re little? Look no further than Maybury Farm in Northville, Michigan.

Santa and his elves are visiting Maybury Farm on December 17 & 18 from 12:00 pm - 3:00 p.m. It has been recommended that you arrive early to secure your place in line. Numbers will be distributed so you will not lose your place, and concessions will be available to enjoy while you wait.

Plan to come with your littles ones all dressed up for photos or just come to see Santa Claus. He will be waiting in his antique sleigh in the Welcome Center. There will be a fire in the wood stove at the Welcome Center to make it cozy. There’s no entrance fee, but small donations are accepted to help keep the animals through the winter.

If you are looking for unique and special gifts, you will be able to shop the delicious Maybury Farm honey, jams, jellies, popcorn, stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, and gift baskets.

About Maybury Farm

Maybury Farm is a non-profit organization operated by the Northville Community Foundation. It provides interactive educational opportunities for children and adults alike! You can find, at different months of the year, educational tours, Summer Day Camps, and story time there. In addition, Maybury Farm hosts special events, birthday parties, and participate in the fall corn maze.

Maybury Farm is located at 50165 Eight Mile Rd., between Beck and Napier (do not enter at the State Park). Parking is complimentary. For more information, please visit You may also find Maybury Farm on Facebook.

How to Contact Maybury Farm

To learn more about Maybury Farm, please contact:

Jessica Striegle, Executive Director

Northville Community Foundation

18600 Northville Road, Suite 275

Northville, MI 48168

Office: (248)374-0200

Maybury Farm is part of Maybury State Park - a wildlife preserve of almost 1,000 acres. It boasts gentle hills, meadows, forest, wildlife and wildflowers, as well as several kinds of well-maintained trails. The trails include:

Maybury-Cross Country Ski

Trail Length: 6.00 (Miles)

Maybury-Equestrian Trail

Trail Length: 11.00 (Miles)

Maybury-Hiking Trail

Trail Length: 6.00 (Miles)

Maybury-Mountain Biking Trail

Trail Length: 5.00 (Miles)

Maybury-Paved Bicycle

Trail Length: 4.00 (Miles)

Are you a horseback enthusiast? Join the Maybury Trail Riders Association. New amenities for trail riders!

Take Away

If you have never had the chance to take your children to meet Santa Claus at Maybury Farm in Northville, Michigan, you and your family are in for a special treat. Many families have made visiting Santa a Maybury Farm a favorite holiday tradition. In addition, Maybury State Park has many trails for you and your family to enjoy throughout the year.

Maybury Farm is one of the jewels in the family-friendly city of Northville, Michigan. Located northwest of Detroit, this quaint town is a wonderful place to raise a family. If you are considering moving to Northville, we would be honored to help. Please give our office a call or contact us via our online contact form.