Strategies for Selling Your House When You Have Children

Selling a house for anyone can be a stressful endeavor. It can be an intense process when you consider the time it takes to prepare a house to put on the market, keep the home clean, and ready for showings. Add children to the mix and it can feel like you might have made the craziest decision of your life.

However, having children doesn’t have to be a hindrance to selling your house. In fact, it can be an asset. When a potential buyer with a family sees how another family lives and functions in a space, it can be helpful. It will also cause you to be more disciplined as you prepare your home.

While it does require more preparation, it doesn’t have to keep you from taking a step that your family is ready to make.

5 Tips from Parents Who Sold Their Houses with Children

Here are 5 tips from parents that helped them sell their home with children.

  1. Declutter

One of the most helpful parts of preparing your home for the market is the process of decluttering. This forces homeowners to go into those long lost closets and sift through what they really need. Melissa, a mother of two toddler boys, stated that when they moved,

“We had 30 showings in 21 days. It was insane. The effort we put into decluttering and simplifying our home made the difference for us. The less we had out, the easier it was to clean and keep clean for showings. We spent most of our time and effort into organizing and going through each inch of our home before we even put the house on the market. We had all toys, clothes, and anything that was not essential in bins, labeled, and stored in our garage.”

While it can take a long time and effort, decluttering, organizing and simplifying will not just help the showing process, but the moving process too.

  1. Be Flexible

Being flexible with children can be hard with nap times, bed times, meals, etc. This can make the process of showing the home extremely difficult.

When Lindsey and Peter decided to move with their 3 children, they had a list of fun activities to take the children to when it was time for showings. This made leaving the home a fun adventure. They had extra diapers, clothes, and snacks stored in a bin that they kept in the trunk of their van. This way they knew they had most of what they needed if a showing came on the schedule.

  1. Timing

Matthew, a father of two children, said that the best advice he could give is to “move in warmer seasons.” He felt that this helped him be able to keep the family outside as much as possible – go to parks, eat outside, etc. This helped to keep the house clean and ready for showings.

  1. Meal Planning

When you have children, meals are an essential part that can’t be skipped. Eating out can be helpful in a pinch, but it isn’t always the best for your budget or giving your family the healthy foods you desire for them.

One way that Registered Dietitian and mother of four, Dana, made sure her family had healthy meals was by making meals ahead of time and freezing them. This way she knew that her family was eating healthy meals, and it didn’t leave the kitchen mess when it was time to show the house. Premade muffins, waffles, and egg wraps were her stables for an easy, fast, grab and go meal. For Dana’s favorite site for freezer meals check out: Once a Month Meals.

  1. Ask for Help

Selling and moving is stressful and should not be expected to be done alone. Ask for help when you need it. This may mean hiring a sitter, or asking a friend to watch your kids for a few hours. This process should not be done alone.


Preparing and showing a house is not an easy process and can feel extra hard with children. However, when you do have kids it can help you to be more disciplined and help the entire process of getting your home sold. Decluttering, being flexible, timing, meal planning, and asking for help are all great tips for selling your home with children.