Top 10 Most Visited Blog Articles for 2013

Did your favorite blog article make the top 10 list?

Our goal for the Jamey Kramer Group’s blog is to provide free real estate and community related information and news to help keep you informed. It was an eventful year in real estate and for the communities of Novi and Northville, Michigan.

As we start 2014, we would like to reflect and review the top news of 2013. The following are the Jamey Kramer Group’s top 10 most visited blog articles for 2013 according to Google Analytics. 

  1. 2013 Michigan Winter Dog Classic In Novi, Mi
    Michigan’s largest dog show, the Michigan Winter Dog Classic, was hosted in Novi, Michigan last year. Check out the article to read all about it.
  2. Is The 3.5% Mortgage Interest Rate Gone For Good?
    In 2013, mortgage interest rates started to climb. As the economy grew stronger, interest rates started to increase. We may never see the 3.5% mortgage interest rate again. What do you think? Do you think we see the 3.5% interest rate again in the near future?
  3. Novi, Michigan - The Origin Of Its Mysterious Name
    Have you ever wondered how Novi, Michigan received its name? While the widely accepted theory is that it was named “Novi” because it was the 6th township in the southwest part of Oakland County, No. VI, there are other interesting theories. There is even a romantic theory that you won’t want to miss reading.
  4. Trick-Or-Treating In Novi and Northville, Michigan
    In this article, we provided the hours of trick-or-treating in Novi and Northville, Michigan. This information was especially important to Northville residents since some of downtown streets were closed for the celebrating.
  5. Everything You Need To Know About Halloween In Northville, Michigan
    Northville, Michigan is one of those cities that always has something exciting going on, and in 2013, the city offered Halloween events 2 week prior to the holiday. There was the Trick-or-Treat Trail at the Mill Race Village, the Costume Parade at the Northville Community Center and a Friday Night Festival perfect for all ages.
  6. Novi Welcomes Donald Trump For Lincoln Dinner Speech
    Did you know that Donald Trump came to Novi, Michigan in 2013? He was the key note speaker at Novi, Michigan’s Lincoln Day dinner, a long-standing Novi tradition.
  7. Know When to Replace Your Home’s Window
    It is important to take care of your home and it may be time to replace your windows. New windows often times means a more energy efficient home and may even add value to your home.
  8. Where To Celebrate New Year’s Eve In Novi and Northville, Michigan
    There is a lot to do in Novi and Northville, Michigan, especially on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. From medieval princesses to romantic dinners, these two cities have it all. In this article, we shared special events for both cities on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.
  9. Novi Michigan To Host The 2013 Michigan State Fair
    2013 was the second year in a row that Novi, Michigan hosted the Michigan State Fair. The fair included the Detroit Shrine Circus, Michigan beer, and of course plenty of animals.
  10. Restaurants Open Christmas Eve and Day in Northville and Novi, Michigan
    For those who would rather be relaxing on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day instead of cooking, this article included restaurants that were open in the cities of Northville and Novi, Michigan on both days.

Moving Forward into 2014

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Have a wonderful New Year everyone, and from all of us at the Jamey Kramer Group, we wish you the very best in 2014.