Local Weather

Local Weather

The Metro Detroit area enjoys a Midwestern temperate seasonal climate, greatly influenced by the Great Lakes. Winters are cold with moderate snowfall and summers are usually warm and rather humid. The average high temperature in July is 85 °F and in January highs average 33°F. Summer temperatures can exceed 90 °F and winter temperatures rarely drop below 0°F.  

The region experiences average monthly precipitation ranging from about two to four inches. Rainfall is heaviest in the summer months. Snowfall normally occurs from November to early April, and ranges from 1 to 10 inches per month. 

The highest recorded temperature in Detroit was 103.0°F, while the lowest recorded temperature was -17.0°F. 

Average Local Area Temperatures
Summer: high 85 ºF low 60 ºF
Fall: high 75 ºF low 36 ºF
Winter: high 38 ºF low 20 ºF
Spring: high 72 ºF low 29 ºF

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